Restaurant TGIF - TGIF Friday borrowing hamburger meat from other restaurants near by because they ran out.

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We asked the waiter, at TGI Fridays in the falls, why the burgers were not the same as we usually order, he stated that when they run out of a product, they borrow for from any other nearby restaurant. We got sick on the burgers, no medical attention required, but , had a miserable night.

Excellent waiter, but manager on scene, stated that's the way it is and got very belligerent. After I said, son, please calm down, he said I was being disrespectful to him. I had other words for him but being a young worker, I felt that son would make understand that we did not expect this attitude from a manager who then told us to leave the restaurant or he would call the police. We waited a while for police, they never came.

Is this normal practice to borrow food from other restaurants? It's better to just tell the customer that we are out, and suggest an alternative. No more TGIF Friday's for the family or friends we come in contact with.

Only a few customers in restaurant, others in area pretty full, bad sign for business. This was supposed to be a birthday gathering for my daughter, it turned out to be a nightmare.

Monetary Loss: $64.

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This is a reverse of what I usually hear people complain about. People always complain that when a restaurant runs out of something, they should not tell customers the item isn't available, they should rush out and get a replacement from somewhere else.

This restaurant may have lost out on your future business, but you can be sure that other diners were pleased with the efforts to continue to offer menu items. And, one has to wonder what really was said if the manager had to threaten you and your family with the police.

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